Fishing in Montana has never been more accessible with the state’s abundance of rivers, creeks, lakes, and reservoirs.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler hunter, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state. Montana is a beautiful part of the US. Not much beats enjoying the state than to go fihsing.

Montana Fishing License Online

Elevate your fishing game! Obtain a Montana fishing license online. In minutes you will be able to head down with your family to catch some rainbow trout or bass. A few beautiful destinations are the Yellowstone River or Flathead Lake.

But before you hit the waters, give general Montana or Big Sky fishing regulations a good read. Each District or area-specific exceptions exist to specific state fishing regulations. Play it safe and be aware of them before you cast your line.

FTP Online Licensing System

Montana’s MyFWP app offers hunters a convenient and secure way to access hunting and fishing licenses.

With this app, you can store and display permits and digital E-Tags. The great thing is that you can use the sytem without cellular service. With just a few taps on your mobile phone, you’ll be ready to enjoy the great outdoors.

Fishing Regulations License Permits

Montana boasts diverse angling adventures. The state offers everything from frigid streams to tepid lakes, big prairie rivers to lofty mountain crests. You can fly-fishing or enjoy trolling – a paradise for all fishing enthusiasts.

Here, solitude seekers can relish the thrill of the catch and the hunt, the gastronome can aim for supper. It is a great place for relaxation and the adventurer can strive for the trophy of a lifetime.

Montana residents have many opportunities for fishing due to the quality of its fisheries habitat. Nonetheless, there are various challenges to Montana’s fisheries, including climate change, habitat alteration, and stream dewatering.

Addressing these challenges falls to the FWP office, which manages the state’s fishery resources.

Fishing Licenses and Permits Permits Requirements

With a valid fishing license, you can enjoy fishing from March 1 through the end of February.

Anyone 11 years old or younger is not required to have a fishing permit or license. This includes a Conservation or AIS Prevention Pass.

Youth anglers who are 11 years or younger must apply and observe all limits and regulations.

Types of Licenses Permits

Different types of fishing licenses are available for residents and non-residents in Montana. The permits require are depending on the duration of the fishing trip.

Suppose you plan to fish for the entire season. The Full Season license is suitable. and you can also add in hunting licenses. These are valid from March 1 to the end of February the following year. Alternatively, Short-term licenses are available that are valid for two or ten consecutive days.

To be considered a resident of Montana, you must have lived in the state for 180 continuous days. You must also fulfill other conditions like filing your tax returns in Montana and registering your car in the state.

FWP Online Licensing System

The FWP online licensing application system makes it easier than ever to submit. It saves paper with the MyFWP Mobile App.

System on a Mobile Device

You can carry either traditional paper tags or E-Tags. But you can not carry both. An E-Tag is a digital carcass tag that can be validated and stored using the Montana MyFWP app.

Your personal decision between an E-Tag or paper tag is final for license year for that specific tag.

Where to Buy Your Montana Fishing Licenses?

Purchase Online

To buy a Montana fishing license, you can go to the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website and purchase it online. You will be able to print your license right away after completing the purchase.

Purchase In Person

The department’s website has a list and interactive map of Montana’s various Fish, Wildlife & Parks license providers throughout the state. You can go to one of these providers to get your license.

Montana Fishing Regulations

Get all the details and make sure you follow the guidelines for fishing in Montana. There are size and bag limits, seasonal closures, special regulations for some bodies of water.

This information can also be found on the department’s website. Keep yourself informed, and follow all the rules when fishing in Montana.

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